Useful Documents

If you have some useful documents which whould fit into the following list, please send me an email.

Note: The following documents are mirrored at our site, because I think it is useful to have them "assembled" in one place.

TI-89/92plus Hardware Informations

NOTE: Newer versions of these text documents may be found at:

J89hw.txt (2001/06/14 - author: Johan Eilert)
Very useful document about the TI-89/92plus hardware internals (in my opinion the best one)

89hw.txt (author: Johan Borg)
This file is about the hardware of the TI-89/92plus calculator (HW 1.0, see the end), expecially about how to control the microcontroller in it

cpu.txt (author: Johan Borg)
Infos of the pinout of the custom 68k chip found in HW1

flashrom.txt (author: Johan Borg)
Problems with making a program to patch the Flash-ROM

f160s3.pdf (337kB)
Technical information about the Flash-ROM from SHARP, found in the TI89/92plus

M68000 Assembler Documents

68kUM.pdf (1007kB)
Motorola's 68000 User's Manual

68kPM.pdf (1744kB)
Motorola's 68000 Programmer's Manual

68kguide.txt (94kB)

68k_optimize.txt (13kB)
Optimizing 680x0 Applications

68kperf.txt (9kB)
Motorola 680x0 Series Performance Guide

asp68k6_optimize.txt (60kB)
ASP68K PROJECT Edition 6 (Optimization Guide)

m68kfaq.txt (102kB)
comp.sys.m68k - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

ref68k_card.txt (16kB)
68000 MICROPROCESSOR Instruction Set Summary