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TI-related Sites
... I think I haven't to say anything more about this great site. Go and check it ...
The Official TIGCC Site - another "nothing to say more" link. Every TIGCC programmer should be comfortable with it ;-)
Excellent Resource for everyone who starts learning TIGCC programming ...
HomePage of the famous VTI (TI-Emulator)

TI-89 Hardware Site (
Olle Hedman's Site which hosts very useful informations about the hardware of the TI-89
Ray Kremer's TI Graphing Calculator FAQ
Homepage of our Calculators Parents
Calcware Online / Check it out
News site for the TI community, gathers information from all major sites
Large TI-related french site and board

C Programming Tutorials and FAQs

Techno-Plaza's TIGCC Programming Lessons
Fine tutorials if you try to start with TIGCC programming

Squale92's TIGCC Tutorials (French ONLY)
A huge collection of TIGCC tutorials (sorrily only available in french) is available somewhere on TI-FR

Programming in C: A Tutorial (Brian W. Kernighan)
The original from one of the creators of C.

C language tutorial
Good generic tutorial including exercises and their answers.

Marinoland Tutorial
Lessons consist of basic concepts, and advance techniques,the latter of which includes search trees. Sample code helps illustrate the ideas.

C Programming - Steve Holmes
Learn to program in C by reading up on variable types, common operators, and control statements.Sections are organized in outline format.

C Programming for Beginners
Consider this developer's contentions regarding benefits of C,following a brief language history. Basic lesson involves input/output concepts.

Introduction to C Programming - Rob Miles
Lessons designed for first-time programmers include lengthy documentation onbasic types and functions. Memory issues are addressed.

Optimization of Computer Programs in C - Michael E. Lee
Abstract presents reasons why a developer would be concerned with optimization.Content teaches how to fine tune algorithms to save runtime.

Tour of C Programming
Start programming with instructions on invoking math operations, loops, and case statements.Overview of compilers provides some personal advice.

Tutorial on Pointers and Arrays in C - Ted Jensen
Concepts allowing memory storage and retrieval in C, for input processing, are revealed in theseexercises. Read about dynamic allocation issues.

Comp.Lang.C Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
Compiled between 1990 and 1996, this resource provides information on pointers, arrays,and the "stdio" class. 20 sections are listed by topic.

comp.lang.c FAQs
Most frequently asked questions posted to the comp.lang.c newsgroup, withlinks for faster access to your area of interest.

Beginners Chess Links

originated to
The Basics of Chess: Beginners
Step by step introduction to the game for absolute beginners.

Beginner's Chess Page: Rules
Summary of the rules. Explains why experienced players don't holler out "check!".

Chess Corner
Chatty tutorials start with how to set up the board, and move on from there.

Chess For Kids: How to Play
Nicely done set of tutorials teaching the moves and board setup.

Chess is Fun!
Explains the moves, and then as a nice touch shows a complete game on a board that makes the moves automatically.

Chess Rules
Rules and movement of the pieces explained in a manner suitable for children. Also offers a freeware chess program called Chess Rules.

Lets Play Chess
Simple, well-done tutorial from the folks that ought to know the rules, because they write them: the U.S. Chess Federation!

Advanced Chess Rule Links

originated to
Arbiter's Notebook
By Geurt Gijssen, arbiter for world championship matches and other high-level events. All manner of rules questions addressed every month.

The Official FIDE Handbook
The Standard! Nothing to say more ...

USCF Clock Rules
Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask about the USCF's new clock rules.

Chess Puzzles Links

originated to
Basics of Chess
Collection of 25 "intermediate" positions.

Chess Puzzle Archive
Amazing! If you were to solve one puzzle a day from this fantastic site, you'd still be going strong 10 years from now.

Chesscafe Endgame Studies
There's a new endgame for you to ponder every week at the Chesscafe. Roll up your sleeves; these can be tough.

Chess Coaching Online: Puzzles
Weekly puzzle that asks you to assess if the position is better for white, better for black, or equal.

Chess Tactics Tester
Positions to build your tactical muscle.

Chess Test
Monthly competition where you are asked to solve tactical puzzles and questions on chess history.

Chesty's Chess Puzzles
Modest collection (17 at last viewing) of sacrifice combinations.

Endgame of the Day
Seems to have stopped a few months ago, but there is still plenty of material in the archives.

Huntsville Chess Club Fools Problems
A handful of fun puzzles. Tactics
Good collection of puzzles organized by level of difficulty.

Manolis Strataki's Chess Problems Page
Plenty of fun stuff here. Composed problems, mate in x positions, openings and endings. See if you can find mate in 127 moves!

1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate
The first 24 positions from Reinfeld's classic book, but no answers. Also a file you can download with all 1001 problems in PGN format.

1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices
Same as above: some positions from the Reinfeld book of the same name (no answers provided) and a PGN file to download.

365 Chess Lessons
In theory a coaching page, but mostly a collection of problems organized by level of difficulty.

Chess Programming Links
The Anatomy of Chess Programs
Computer Chess Programming
Chess Programming From the Ground Up
Chess Programming
An introduction to the MTD(f) minimax algorithm