Reconstruction And a Minor Appeal to All SW Developers Around

Punctually to the new release of TI-Chess this site undergoes a major reconstruction. Due to my restricted freetime I had to drop my plans of a general TIGCC related programming site, but as compromise the TI-Chess Homepage will be restructured to focus not primary on TI-Chess. In the future it will focus on all kinds of TIGCC related projects.
Maybe someone wonders why we still keep the name TI-Chess Team (TiCT). The solution is simple: Chess is a synonym for high quality "brain activities". Most of our released or planned games are and will focus on that "brain activities". No dumb shooters, but games to train your intellectual abilities.
Don't take me wrong. I play shooters and similar games, too. Some of them are really entertaining. But I missed games which I can "battle" against with "pure intellectual force" and I still miss them!
Everyone is complaining. Complaining about almost everything. Constructive criticism is okay, but, heh, where are the guys, who bring real new interesting stuff to the community ? Where are people like Zeljko Juric?
What's about a GO variant? What's about a real roleplaying game or a port of Nethack? Where is a Wolfenstein3D like shooter? Or a civilization game? The ideas and even the sourcecodes lays around on the net for everybody. Just pick them up and invest some time for the porting! And DONT bring demos of programs which will never be released. 70 percent of all files on are demos of never released programs and clones of clones. Most of them are not worth the download time. Another "Don't take me wrong". Some of them are done well and also entertaining, but a demo is a demo. Come on: sit down and show the community your abilities instead of always just complaining !!!

posted by KiLLRoY on 11/08/2000

Announcement of Release Delay

Like major software companies I have to announce a delay of the release of TI-Chess 3.00. It's finished now, but due to some strange behaviour on HW2 calculators I have to extend the beta tests till mid of august.

posted by KiLLRoY on 01/08/2000

TI-MineSweeper v1.00 and TI-Con45 v1.01 finished and released

TI-MineSweeper is a clone of the well-known game which is almost identical to the MS Windows version.

Examine the project & programs page for more informations.

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posted by KiLLRoY on 07/07/2000

TI-Con45 v1.00 finished and released

TI-Con45 v1.00 for TI89/92p finished and released.

Another brain buster by the TI-Chess Team hits the road. Can you beat the AI at level 3 ?

Examine the project & programs page for more informations.

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posted by KiLLRoY on 03/07/2000

Various Demos released

Fire Effect Demo 1.01 for TI89/92p, Snow Effect Demo 1.00 for TI89/92p and Dissolve Effect Demo 1.00 for TI89/92p finished and released.

The Demo Series got new "members". Examine the projects & programs page for more details.

Additionally the SHELLS, PATCHES AND DEVELOPMENT TOOLS section of the Download Page gots updated (TIGCC-LIB 2.1,DOORS II 0.97,UniversalOS 1.13).

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posted by KiLLRoY on 28/06/2000

Demo Releases

Fire Effect Demo 1.00 for TI89/92p and Starfield Effect Demo 1.00 for TI89/92p finished and released.

These tiny programs demonstrate a grayscale fire effect and a starfield effect which should be seen as demonstration code for people who want to start with C programming for the TI's (C source code included).

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posted by KiLLRoY on 16/06/2000

SokoMize 1.00 finished and released

new features:
  • 94 preset levels included
  • visual menu system and startup screen demonstrating compressed picture usage
  • "take back one move" feature
  • "quick save and restore" feature during a level (just temporary stored during level)
  • handling modified (scrolling now with SHIFT+direction key)
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posted by KiLLRoY on 16/06/2000

SokoMize 0.99 finished and released

This version demonstrates some new features of the TIGCC standard library 2.0 like:
  • streaming input from text variables used for preset levels
  • improved key press handling using the key queue
  • usage of SAVE_SCREEN & USE_GRAY_PATCH precompiler defines
  • usage of build-in random number generator
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Due to the fact that SokoMize 1.00 should include arround 100 levels I'm looking for people who may design some levels (or port them from other sokoban games). If you want to contribute some levels, send them as .89t or .9xt files to my email account:
Please append your real name to the mail so I can add you to the credits list.
Contributions will be accepted until 10th of June 2000. Thanx.

posted by KiLLRoY on 29/05/2000

TIGCC Programming Site

Since time passes by more and more programs arrive, which are implemented using TIGCC and Zeljko's TIGCCLIB. Due to the fact that informations about TIGCC programming and/or projects are spread all over the net I want to start a TIGCC programming website, which should cover the following topics:
  • tutorials and documents
  • projects and demos
  • related downloads and links
Due to the fact that for an easy-to-maintain website serverside scripting like JSP,PHP or similar is necessary (+ optional database access), I'm looking for a free hosting service which may supply any kind of scripting.

Additionally I'm urgently looking for people who may help in designing/administrating the site.

You can contact me by mail at:

I'll hope I can get news items on TICALC.ORG and TINEWS.NET to discuss this topic.

posted by KiLLRoY on 19/05/2000

!! THANX !!

TI-Chess got the POTM Award of TICALC.ORG ! Thanx to all who have voted for it =8-)

posted by KiLLRoY on 05/05/2000

TI-Chess Release 2.01 finished and released

This new version fixes two bugs fixed and comes with included DOORS builds again

posted by KiLLRoY on 12/04/2000

TI-Chess Release 2.00 (previously announced as 1.50) finished and released

Examine the included readme.txt file for more informations.

posted by KiLLRoY on 10/04/2000

Really sad story ...

Now I know for sure that there are no programmers out there :-( No helping hands.

posted by KiLLRoY on 23/03/2000

Looking for programmer/designer

TI-Chess gets a menu system. Is anybody out there who want to help???

posted by KiLLRoY on 18/03/2000

First success

Hey. TI-Chess is the top download at TICALC.ORG this week. Not so bad. Maybe we can get the "Program of the Month" award ;-)

posted by KiLLRoY on 16/03/2000

VTI Logger finished and released

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posted by KiLLRoY on 15/03/2000

TI-Chess 1.10 finished and released.

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posted by KiLLRoY on 10/03/2000

TI-Chess 1.00 finished and released.

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posted by KiLLRoY on 02/03/2000

TI-Chess 0.95 finished and released.

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posted by KiLLRoY on 23/02/2000