FAT-Engine SDK 0.50 released!

After the release of the technology demo I have finished now the first version of the FAT-SDK (Software Development Kit). The SDK enables programmers to use the FAT-Engine in their own programs. It contains the necessary documentation as well as the sourcecode of an example which uses the FAT-Engine. The FAT-Engine itself comes in the form of a NOSTUB library (fatlib.dll) which has to be installed additionally on the calc, but which can also be shared by many programs. For those who hasn't read my latest postings on the MessageBoard: the engine is now capable of handling abitrary angles and step sizes, too. So no one can blame it anymore to be no real raycaster ;-).

You can download the FAT-Engine SDK 0.50 for the TI89/TI92p here:


Additionally I have started a Forum on our MessageBoard which deals with topics of the FAT-Engine and, of course, of my planned conversion of the Bard's Tale 1 RPG game.


posted by Tom on 04/03/2001 22:15 (MET)

FAT-Engine v0.10 Technology Demo released!

As I have already stated in my last post I'm actually working on a raycasting engine. Now I have finished the first technology demo of the FAT-Engine which let you explore a simple dungeon.

Here are a few infos about the engine:

FAT stands for "(F)ixed (A)ngle (T)exturing". The FAT-Engine is a generic raycasting engine for games which may be used by Developers to assemble first-person games (shooters, adventures etc.) quickly.
The engine itself supplies the complete "world-rendering" part at a speed of approximately 10-20 frames per second (fast enough for an LCD) as well as the movement control.
By using the FAT-Engine a game developer can focus on the game design itself (storyline etc.) instead of struggling with the 3D graphics. Actually the engine is in alpha stage. The technology demo shows how it may look like when you walk through a dungeon.

FAT-Engine v0.10 Technology Demo


The technology demo can be downloaded at: http://www.ticalc.org/pub/89/asm/games/fatdemo.zip

The first game I want to realize with the FAT-Engine should be a kind of RPG like Bard's Tale or Land Of Lore. Therefore I'm looking for graphics artists and/or Game Designers.

If you are interested, leave a message on the TICT's Suggestions MessageBoard at:


posted by Tom on 22/02/2001 21:58 (MET)

TiCT's First Anniversary !!

I think I have slept yesterday. The TI-Chess Team had its first Anniversary and I haven't it even noticed! Okay, better one day too late than completely forgotten, isn't it? ;-)

As conclusion of my last year I can say that it was very interesting. I met many interesting people and some of them had become friends (at least as much it is possible over the Net). Many projects got released, but much more projects are still "sleeping" on my HD. And it was you who "forced" me to keep on producing more software for the TIs. Thanx for all your mails, postings on the board and, of course, for every single minute you helped beta testing or improving the whole stuff.

Due to the Anniversary, I have a tiny present for you (when you are a programmer). Actually I'm working on a raycasting engine and as side effect of this project I have started a second Tutorial Series which focus on advanced Topics of Programming. This Series aims to intermediate programmers who are already comfortable with the TIGCC Programming Environment and know the basics of TI programming like how to use graphics, external files and all that stuff. Tutorials of this Advanced Series will focus on explaining techniques and algorithms and will come with tiny "Proof of Concept" Programs (sourcecodes) to show you in form of real code how the algorithms may be implemented. Feel free to re-use any part of the sourcecodes as long as you add a link to the TICT-HQ website into the docs of your program, so that other programmers may find it!

If you think you can call you an intermediate programmer: Come on! Follow me into a complete new World of TI-89/92p Programming ...

The Title of the first Tutorial in the new Series (S2P1) is:
Texturing Vertical Strips


The new Tutorial can be downloaded at: http://www.ticalc.org/pub/89/asm/source/s2p1.zip

posted by Tom on 22/02/2001 21:58 (MET)

TI-Chess v3.20 available / Quill Beta Tests started

Yesterday I have finished a new maintenance release of TI-Chess. The most important feature is the usage of a new grayscale support which gives you almost flickerfree grayscales on HW2 calculators (like the grayscales in UniversalOS 1.21).
The new version for TI-89 and TI-92plus can be found at http://www.ticalc.org/pub/89/asm/games/tichess.zip and the sourcecode can be found at http://www.ticalc.org/pub/89/asm/source/tichess.zip.

Zeljko Juric has started the beta tests of the "Quill Adventure Writer", which is an author's kit to make own text adventures (including even bitmap and vector graphics). If you want to help him than download the beta versions here: Please send any comments directly to the author.
posted by Tom on 18/02/2001 16:30 (MET)

TIGCC Site Started

Sebastian Reichelt, one of the maintainers of the TIGCC Development Environment, has started a new Site. The name of the Site says it all: The Official TIGCC Page.

Actually a new Beta Version is available there which needs testing before it can be released. Go and get it!
posted by Tom on 14/02/2001 20:00 (MET)

The TICT-Explorer is available !!

After a long period of beta testing the TICT-Explorer is now available. It's main features include:
  • NOSTUB program, runs on any and all AMS versions with no kernel installed
  • The usual functions like create folder/copy/move/rename/archive/lock etc.
  • Execution of exe-packed programs without their launchers
  • Support for eBooks, ScottFree Driver Adventures, Quill Files, PIC Variables, TEXT Variables, and PPIC Files
  • Shortcut keys for programs and files
  • Five-level battery strength indicator
  • Crash protection
  • Password protection
  • Integrated hex viewer for other files
  • Info screen (gives many details about your calculator and the selected file or folder)
  • One-Key archiving/unarchiving

And it comes in 4 different language editions.

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot

You can download the TICT-Explorer here: Many thanx to all who have lent me some time to finish this project.

Have a nice exploring day ;-)

posted by Tom on 11/02/2001 18:00 (MET)

Preview of TIGCC Sprite Extensions (v0.50) available now ...

If you are a C programmer and you are not pleased with the speed and the comfort of the TIGCCLIB sprite routines then have a look on the preview version of the TSE (TIGCC Sprites Extensions), which can be found at http://tict.ticalc.org/downloads/tse050.zip.

posted by KiLLRoY on 05/02/2001 18:00 (MET)

HANDLE-Explorer v1.51 released

UPDATE (04/02/2001): Now version 1.51 of the HANDLE-Explorer is available

As side-effect of the development of the TICT-Explorer a new tool called HANDLE-Explorer was "brought to life". This tool may be used to view all handles which correspond to used memory blocks and the content of these memory blocks.

screenshot screenshot screenshot
You can read the documentation online at http://tict.ticalc.org/tthdex/readme.html and the tool itself can be downloaded at: http://www.ticalc.org/pub/89/asm/programs/tthdex.zip. This tool will also be part of the next release of the TIGCC Tools Suite. As usual this program is a NOSTUB program and comes with the full C source code included.

UPDATE: A new version of the TICT eBook Reader (v1.70) is also now available. You can grab the new version here.

posted by KiLLRoY on 22/01/2001 18:45 (MET)

Patch for ExePack Feature of TIGCC 0.9 released

During the development of the TICT-Explorer I have found some very problematic topics related to the TIGCC Programming Environment which may cause random crashes of programs. The patch itself is related to the exepack support of the TIGCC environment, but the stated problems in the release notes (readme.txt) holds true for almost each program which operates with VAT routines.
You can grab the patch here.

UPATE: Thanx to Kevin Kofler I have fixed a"copy-and-paste bug" in the readme.txt file.
posted by KiLLRoY on 19/01/2001 15:15 (MET)

Are stable TSR-Programs possible on HW2 with AMS 2.05?

Kevin Kofler and Zeljko Juric have worked out a concept how to implement stable and reliable TSR (Terminate-and-Stay-Resistent) programs on HW2 calculators with installed AMS 2.05.
Now this concept has to be tested on real-world HW2 calculators. Sorrily none of them have a HW2 calculator available (neither me). Please help them !!!

Read HW2, AMS2 and TSRs: Need alpha-testers NOW! on our MessageBoard in Forum TIGCC Programming and post your results to this thread, too. Thanx.
posted by KiLLRoY on 08/01/2001 22:45 (MET)
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