New Maintenance Updates
I have released various maintenance updates for TICT programs. Now all programs on the projects page are compatible with the V200 and all available AMS versions.

The following programs got updated:

posted by Tom on 20/11/2002 18:55 (MET)
New TI-Chess v4.00 FINAL
After a long series of beta versions I have finally finished TI-Chess v4.00. The most remarkable improvements since v3.61 are:
  • Multilanguage support (english/french/german/spanish)
  • Opening book support: now the engine can randomly choose openings from a book if wanted
  • training feature rewritten: now chess puzzles may come with an intregrated solution
  • chess puzzle compiler completely rewritten: making own chess puzzles files is much easier now
  • opening book compiler added: you can make your own opening books if wanted

For the links to the new version please check the projects page.

Additionally there are two supplemental distributions for TI-Chess v4.00 available now:

And last but not least: Thanx to everyone who has participated in the beta tests especially François Leiber, Ladislav Cisar, Kevin Kofler, Marcos Lopez and Andy Hou. IMHO the new version speaks for its own.

posted by Tom on 11/11/2002 13:15 (MET)
New TI-Chess PRE-v4.00 Series started. Looking for Help!
I have just started a series of pre-releases for TI-Chess v4.00, which will be definitely the strongest available chess program for any available TI calculator. Due to many internal restructurings the program needs carefully BETA testing. If you want to help, please read the following thread on our messageboard:

posted by Tom on 09/10/2002 21:00 (MET)
New BETA Stuff Page / TI-MineSweeper v1.20
I have added a new page which hold links to available TiCT Beta Releases. Just check the link right beside the projects page link in the header.

I have released a new version of TI-MineSweeper which is compatible with the V200 and AMS 2.07/2.08. You can download it from Project page.

posted by Tom on 30/09/2002 10:25 (MET)
New TI-Chess 3.80 BETA With Opening Book Support
If you want to test the first TI-Chess version which supports an opening book, please read the following thread:

posted by Tom on 12/09/2002 16:55 (MET)
New TICT-Explorer 1.30 BETA 6 with fullscreen support for TI92p/V200
If you are looking for an AMS 2.08 and V200 aware version of the TICT-Explorer which supports also fullscreen display on the TI92p/V200 please read the following thread on our MessageBoard:

And please report your results to the above thread even if everything works ok. Thanx!

posted by Tom on 11/09/2002 09:55 (MET)
New Bunch of minor Updates ...
Due to a bug in the exepack decompression function I have updated the following programs:

TIGCC Tools Suite v1.31
ExtGraph Library v1.02
FAT-Engine Software Development Kit v1.11

Additionally I have recompiled the TI-Chess sources to get TI-Chess compatible with the Voyage 200 and the next AMS version:

TI-Chess v3.61
TI-Chess v3.61 - Source Distribution

posted by Tom on 28/05/2002 12:00 (MET)
New FAT-Development continues ...
I know I'm quite lazy updating the news here, but the FAT-Development continues quite quickly. Yet v1.10 got released. The most important new feature is the support for sliding doors. If you are interested in FAT-Client Programming it is a good idea to visit the FAT Programming Forum on your Message Board.

FAT-Engine Software Development Kit v1.10 Official Release
FAT-Engine Technology Demos v1.10 Official Release (also part of the SDK)

Additionally I have fixed the exepack decompression support of the ExtGraph library. It was broken in v1.00.

ExtGraph Library v1.01 Official Release

posted by Tom on 10/05/2002 8:30 (MET)
New Today is a FAT-Day ...
After 14 months of development the FAT-Engine reached v1.00. Now it features everything what I've found to be useful for a raycasting engine including multidirectional sprites, easy to use HUD support and a FAT standard file format.

I know the SDK still lacks of some kind of documentation like an FAQ or simple tutorials, but I'm sure this will follow in the near future. If you have any questions about the FAT-Engine, please don't mail me, but post your questions on the Messageboard.

FAT-Engine Software Development Kit v1.00
FAT-Engine Technology Demos v1.00 (also part of the SDK)

Last but not least I want to thank everyone who has contributed ideas, code, bugfixes and motivating posts on the FAT-Engine's Forum on the MessageBoard, especially Scott, Jeff, Kurt, Weaaddar and Kevin. Thanx all of you!


The first FAT games hit the scene. Here they are:

Both games are really great. ShootOut is a kind of duel game against a bot or a human using linkplay and Corridor92 - well if you haven't seen it yet it is definitly a MUST download. The first Wolfenstein3D-like shooter on your calc!

posted by Tom on 24/04/2002 21:15 (MET)
New TIGCC Tools Suite v1.20 ...
Another rush of changes within the TIGCC Tools Suite - when you examine the history.txt file you will see what I mean ...

TICALC.ORG's archive staff is extremely fast these days. So the new version can be found already there:

posted by Tom on 05/03/2002 12:45 (MET)
New The Updating continues ...
Here is the next list of updates:
  • TIGCC Tools Suite v1.10 BETA
  • FAT-Engine Technology Demos v0.85
  • FAT-Engine SDK v0.85 (including full sourcecode)
  • eBookReader v1.88 (also part of TIGCC Tools Suite)
Check the programs section for the download links.
posted by Tom on 08/03/2002 13:15 (MET)

Rush of Updates ...

Thanx to Lionel Debroux, his excellent work and his ability to motivate me I have managed to release many TiCT updates. Here is a short list:
  • TICT-Explorer v1.20 (english,german,french,italian,spanish and NEW: portuguese)
  • TIGCC Tools Suite v1.00 FINAL
  • eBookReader v1.84 (also part of TIGCC Tools Suite)
  • Handle-Explorer v2.70 (also part of TIGCC Tools Suite)
  • Shuffle Effect Demo 1.20
  • Dissolve Effect Demo 1.20 (featuring the "Marlboro Man" ;-))
  • Snow Effect Demo 1.20
  • Starfield Effect Demo 2.00
  • Fire Effect Demo 1.20
Check the programs section for the download links.
posted by Tom on 26/02/2002 10:15 (MET)

new TiCT-Member / ExtGraph-Update

The best news first: TiCT is still alive! ;-) For a long time I've thought that I've to "shutdown" TiCT completely, but now it becomes reactivated. Not as active as before, but still work is done here, especially since Lionel Debroux has joined.
BTW: Welcome, Lionel! I'm very glad to have you on "board"!

Here is the next update of a TiCT product:

ExtGraph v0.95 is now available at

What's new:
  1. demos optimized
  2. global variables for version control added
  3. macro CheckHWMatch() added, which can be used to check if a program is compiled for the calctype it runs on
  4. Exepack Decompression and TTArchive Support
  5. docs about how to use exepack decompression and ttarchive in own projects
posted by Tom on 25/02/2002 22:10 (MET)
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